2023 Jul – Deep Web and Dark Web Threat Trend Report

by Prapattimynk, Monday, 23 October 2023 (4 months ago)
2023 Jul – Deep Web and Dark Web Threat Trend Report

This trend report on the deep web and dark web of August 2023 is sectioned into Ransomware, Forums & Black Markets, and Threat Actors. We would like to state beforehand that some of the content has yet to be confirmed to be true.

1) Ransomware
(1) ALPHV (BlackCat)
(2) LockBit
(3) NoEscape
(4) MetaEncryptor
(5) Rhysida

2) Forum & Black Market
(1) The Return of Raccoon Stealer
(2) Anonfiles Shut Down
(3) Data Breach of Foreign Language Learning Website

3) Threat Actor
(1) Genesis Market User Arrested
(2) FBI’s Power Off Operation Shuts Down DDoS Empire
(3) Shutdown of 16shop PhaaS Platform and Arrest of Its Operator
(4) Arrest of the Bullet Hosting Admin Who Supported the Netwalker Ransomware Gang

Aug_Deep Web and Dark Web Threat Trend Report


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