Apt_t00ls-OA High-risk Vulnerability Detection Tool

Apt_t00ls-OA High-risk Vulnerability Detection Tool

vZip by Prapattimynk

Panavision.e-cology workrelate_uploadOperation.jsp-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)e-cology page_uploadOperation.jsp-RCE (no case found yet, just for poc detection)e-cology BshServlet-RCE (

Android Android 5.0Tools
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File Apt_t00ls-OA
Publisher Prapattimynk
Genre Tools
File Type Zip
Os Windows
Mod Version Zip
Report Report
Apt_t00ls-OA is the most famous version in the Apt_t00ls-OA series of publisher


e-cology workrelate_uploadOperation.jsp-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

e-cology page_uploadOperation.jsp-RCE (no case found yet, just for poc detection)

e-cology BshServlet-RCE (can execute system commands directly)

e-cology KtreeUploadAction-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

e-cology WorkflowServiceXml-RCE (default write to Memory Horse IceScorpion 3.0 beta11)

e-office logo_UploadFile.php-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

e-office10 OfficeServer.php-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

e-office doexecl.php-RCE (Write phpinfo, getshell required, please utilize by yourself)

e-mobile_6.6 messageType.do-SQlli (sqlmap utilization, no direct shell exp for now)


landray_datajson-RCE (direct system command execution)

landray_treexmlTmpl-RCE (can directly execute system commands)

landray_sysSearchMain-RCE (multiple payloads, write to Godzilla 3.03 password yes)


yongyou_chajet_RCE (UFIDA T+ rce default write to Godzilla Cshap/Cshap_aes_base64)

yongyou_NC_FileReceiveServlet-RCE deserialization rce (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

yongyou_NC_bsh.servlet.BshServlet_RCE (can execute system commands directly)

yongyou_NC_NCFindWeb Directory Traversal Vulnerability (See if a legacy webshell exists)

yongyou_GRP_UploadFileData-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

yongyou_KSOA_imageUpload-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)


wanhuoa_OfficeServer-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

wanhuoa_OfficeServer-RCE(default write Godzilla 4.0.1 jsp aes default password key)

wanhuoa_DocumentEdit-SQlli(mssql database available os-shell)

wanhuoa_OfficeServerservlet-RCE(Write IceScorpion 4.0.3 aes by default)

wanhuoa_fileUploadController-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

To Far:

seeyonoa_main_log4j2-RCE (only support detection, turn on ladp service utilization by yourself)

seeyonoa_wpsAssistServlet-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

seeyonoa_htmlofficeservlet-RCE (default write to IceScorpion 4.0.3aes)

seeyonoa_ajaxBypass-RCE(write scorpion password sky)


tongdaoa_getdata-RCE (direct execution of system commands)

tongdaoa_APIali-RCE (default write to Scorpion 4.0.3aes)

Middleware: IIS_PUT_RCE

IIS_PUT_RCE (emm can’t getshell at the moment, only supports detecting java without M)

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