Phemedrone StealerĀ – The best Stealer Bot

Phemedrone StealerĀ – The best Stealer Bot

vC# by Prapattimynk

Phemedrone Stealer is written in C# without any dependencies. Logs gate is a standalone PHP script, which you might customize whenever you want.Features šŸ“Stealer gathers all data in memoryNo

Android Android 5.0Malicious Scripts
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Price: $0
File Phemedrone Stealer
Publisher Prapattimynk
Genre Malicious Scripts
Size Unknown
File Type C#
Os All
Mod Version C#
Report Report
Phemedrone Stealer is the most famous version in the Phemedrone Stealer series of publisher

Phemedrone Stealer is written in C# without any dependencies. Logs gate is a standalone PHP script, which you might customize whenever you want.

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Features šŸ“

Stealer gathers all data in memory

No external libraries are used for Phemedrone Stealer

Stub size is ~80 kB

Works on both x32 and x64 systems

All logs get sent to an HTTP Host

Configurable Anti CISAnti VMAnti Debbuger and Mutex

Configurable File grabber file extensions and search depth

Grabbing CookiesPasswordsAutofills and Credit cards from Chromium-based browsers (using dynamic path searching)

Grabbing CookiesPasswords and Autofills from Gecko-based browsers (using dynamic path searching)

Grabbing TelegramSteam and Discord sessions using dynamically path searching

Grabbing sensitive Extensions from Chromium-based browsers (includes crypto-extensions and authenticators)

Grabbing most known Crypto wallets

Detailed System information which includes hardware, geolocation and OS information with a Screenshot

How to Setup? šŸ“

Create a new bot at @BotFather and copy Bot Token.

Go to @chat_id_echo_bot and type bot and start it. Copy your Chat ID.

Open gate.php (From Phemedrone Gate Floder) using any text editor and replace YOUR TELEGRAM BOT TOKEN with the bot token you copied before and replace YOUR CHAT ID with your copied Chat ID.

Upload gate.php on any hosting service to a public html folder.

Create “logs” (without quotes) folder in the same location as gate.php.

Open the project in a C# IDE (for e.g. Visual Studio). Open Config.cs and change GateURL variable to your Gate URL (for e.g. Config.cs also contains other variables that you may modify for better experience.

Change build type to Release and then build the project. Output executable will be located at ./Phemedrone-Stealer/bin/Release folder.

Here you go

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