Troyao Stealer

Troyao Stealer

v7z by Prapattimynk

This is a Stealer + Clipper + Keylogger in one.Stealer written on C#, logs will be sent to Telegram bot.🧭 Data extraction :🛃 AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Debugger, VirusTotal, Any.Run)🚓 Get syst

Android Android 5.0Malicious Scripts
( 420 ratings )
Price: $0
File Troyao Stealer
Publisher Prapattimynk
Genre Malicious Scripts
Size 4Mb
File Type 7z
Os All
Mod Version 7z
Report Report
Troyao Stealer is the most famous version in the Troyao Stealer series of publisher

This is a Stealer + Clipper + Keylogger in one.
Stealer written on C#, logs will be sent to Telegram bot.

🧭 Data extraction :

🛃 AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Debugger, VirusTotal, Any.Run)
🚓 Get system info (Version, CPU, GPU, RAM, IPs, BSSID, Location, Screen metrics, Installed apps)
🔐 Chromium based browsers (passwords, credit cards, cookies, history, autofill, bookmarks)
💻 Firefox based browsers (db files, cookies, history, bookmarks)
💫 Internet explorer/Edge (passwords)
🤝Saved wifi networks & scan networks around device (SSID, BSSID)
🇷🇺 File grabber (Documents, Images, Source codes, Databases, USB)
❌ Detect banking & cryptocurrency services in browsers
Steam, Uplay, Battle.Net, Minecraft session

😀 Install keylogger & clipper
Desktop & Webcam screenshot
❤ ProtonVPN, OpenVPN, NordVPN
😈 Cryptocurrency Wallets
😀 Directories structure
⭐️ Telegram sessions
⌨️ Outlook accounts
🔔 Pidgin accounts
😀 Skype session
📶 Discord tokens
✅ Filezilla hosts
✅ Process list
⭐️ Product key
😀 Autorun module

🔞 Features:

These functions will become available in the builder only if you have autorun enabled.

🆘 Keylogger:
— The keylogger will turn on if the user is texting in the chat or using the bank’s website.
📝 Clipper:
— Clipper turns on and replaces crypto wallet addresses in the clipboard when a user makes a transaction.
📸 Webcam screenshots:
— Webcam screenshots will be taken if the user is watching something obscene on the Internet.

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