Xiebro C2-3.1

Xiebro C2-3.1

vGolang by Prapattimynk

FeaturesThe client side (Client) is written in Golang, compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS (mobile platforms are under consideration for future updates).The team server (Teamserver) is written in .n

Android Android 5.0Malicious Scripts
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Price: $0
File Xiebro C2-3.1
Publisher Prapattimynk
Genre Malicious Scripts
Size 17.1Mb
File Type Golang
Os All
Mod Version Golang
Report Report
Xiebro C2-3.1 is the most famous version in the Xiebro C2-3.1 series of publisher


  • The client side (Client) is written in Golang, compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS (mobile platforms are under consideration for future updates).
  • The team server (Teamserver) is written in .net 8.0 and AOT compiled, featuring low memory usage without the need for any dependencies, nearly compatible with all platform systems.
  • The controller (Controller) supports reverse shell, file management, process management, network traffic monitoring, memory loading, custom UI background colors, and more.
  • Supports in-memory loading of PE files on Windows/Linux, allowing the execution of trojans without dropping files to disk, and facilitating the use of third-party C2/RATs.
  • Supports in-memory execution of .net assemblies (execute-assembly, inline-assembly).
  • Supports extension of UI widgets, Session commands, and payload generation through lua (similar to CobaltStrike’s cna scripts).
  • Custom RDI shellcode support (64-bit only, 32-bit requires manual client compilation) or use donutGodonut to generate your own shellcode.
  • Teamserver supports hosting binary files, text, pictures (similar to SimpleHttpServer).
  • Customizable team server configuration files, with custom Telegram chat ID/Token for notifications.
  • The Controller UI is lightweight, with memory usage approximately 1/60th of CobaltStrike and 1/10th of Metasploit.
  • Golang’s compiler features have been blacklisted by some AV/EDR manufacturers, resulting in poor evasion capabilities.

Supported Platforms

Client (Session)

Windows (x86_x64)Linux (x86_x64)MacOS
Windows 11UbuntuAMD64
Windows 10Debiani386
Windows 8/8.1CentOSM1
Windows 7ppc64leM2
Windows XPmips
Windows Server 2000-2022s390x

Quick Start

  • Download with curl, password: 123456

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