CraxsRat 7.4 Working Download

CraxsRat 7.4 Working Download

vRar by Prapattimynk

Password: linuxndroid👻Hidding After Deletion⚙️Bypass Google Play Antivirus🖥️Live Screen ( Advance screen Mirror)Unlock All Screen Locks        Advance Injection😈Inje

Android Android 5.0Malwares
( 553 ratings )
Price: $0
File CraxsRat 7.4 Working Download
Publisher Prapattimynk
Genre Malwares
Size 230Mb
File Type Rar
Os Windows
Mod Version Rar
Report Report
CraxsRat 7.4 Working Download is the most famous version in the CraxsRat 7.4 Working Download series of publisher

Password: linuxndroid

👻Hidding After Deletion

⚙️Bypass Google Play Antivirus

🖥️Live Screen ( Advance screen Mirror)

Unlock All Screen Locks

        Advance Injection
😈Inject Virus to Apks

🔰Target wallet Usdt Hack automatically

✔️No restrictions on use

✔️Secure Connection No disconnection

📲 Support Banking Apps And Digital Cryptocurrency
Without Blanking out your Screen

  1. Multi-language support: The tool supports multiple languages such as English, Chinese and Russian, and can switch language settings at runtime.🇷🇺🇨🇳🇺🇸
  2. Apk generation and customization: Ability to generate customized and hidden APK files to quickly build APK applications.🌍
  3. Automatic APK encryption and bypassing anti-virus software: With automatic encryption function, it can bypass the detection of anti-virus software and ensure the security of generated APK files.🔍🗝
  4. APK editing and protection: Supports decompilation, editing, protection and signing of APK files for customizing APK applications.
  5. Customized APK Dropper: You can customize the APK Dropper to bypass device accessibility restrictions and make the APK hidden on the victim’s phone.
  6. Runtime customization: Allows complete runtime customization of APK Dropper in any language.
  7. Unlock the phone function: It has the function of unlocking the phone with one click through buttons, passwords or PIN codes, including automatic PIN unlocking and automatic pattern unlocking.
  8. Lock data deletion: Ability to delete captured lock data in order to re-prepare to capture lock passwords.
  9. WeChat injection and Sberbank funding: May involve injecting malicious code or functionality into WeChat or Sberbank (Russian bank) applications.
  10. Push phishing pages: Phishing pages can be sent through custom text notifications for social engineering attacks.
  11. Ransomware functionality: Equipped with ransomware functionality, it can monitor victims and send instant notifications.

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