Xray 1.9.11 Crack Download

Xray 1.9.11 Crack Download

v7z by Prapattimynk

A powerful security assessment tool.Features:xssXSS Vulnerabilities ScansqldetSupport error based, boolean based and time-based sql injection detectioncmd_injectionDetect common shell command injectio

Android Android 5.0Tools
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File Xray 1.9.11 Crack Download
Publisher Prapattimynk
Genre Tools
Size 201Mb
File Type 7z
Os Linux,Mac,Windows
Mod Version 7z
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Xray 1.9.11 Crack Download is the most famous version in the Xray 1.9.11 Crack Download series of publisher

A powerful security assessment tool.


  • xssXSS Vulnerabilities Scan
  • sqldetSupport error based, boolean based and time-based sql injection detection
  • cmd_injectionDetect common shell command injection, PHP code execution, and template injection, etc
  • dirscanSupport about ten kinds of the sensitive path and file type, including backup file, temp file, debug page, config file, etc
  • path_traversalSupport command platform and encoding
  • xxeSupport echo based detection and can work with reverse server
  • phantasmCommon poc inside, user can add your own poc and run it. Document: https://chaitin.github.io/xray/#/guide/poc
  • uploadSupport common backend languages
  • brute_forceThe community version can detect weak password in http basic auth and simple form, common username and password dict inside
  • jsonpDetect jsonp api with sensitive data which can be called across origins
  • ssrfSupport common bypass tech and can work with reverse server
  • baselineDetect outdated SSL version, missing or incorrect http headers, etc
  • redirectDetect arbitrary redirection from HTML meta and 30x response, etc
  • crlf_injectionDetect CRLF injection in HTTP header, support parameters from query and body, etc

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