Korenix JetNet Series Unauthenticated CVE-2023-5376, CVE-2023-5347 Exploit

Korenix JetNet Series Unauthenticated CVE-2023-5376, CVE-2023-5347 Exploit

vtxt by Prapattimynk

Korenix Technology, a Beijer group company within the Industrial Communicationbusiness area, isa global leading manufacturer providing innovative, market-oriented, value-focused Industrial Wired and W

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File CVE-2023-5376, CVE-2023-5347 Exploit
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CVE-2023-5376, CVE-2023-5347 Exploit is the most famous version in the CVE-2023-5376, CVE-2023-5347 Exploit series of publisher

"Korenix Technology, a Beijer group company within the Industrial Communication

business area, isa global leading manufacturer providing innovative, market-

oriented, value-focused Industrial Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions.

With decades of experiences inthe industry, we have developed various product

lines [...].

Our products are mainly applied inSMART industries: Surveillance, Machine-to-

Machine, Automation, Remote Monitoring, and Transportation. Worldwide customer

basecovers different Sales channels, including end-customers, OEMs, system

integrators, and brand label partners. [...]"

Source: https://www.korenix.com/en/about/index.aspx?kind=3

Vulnerable versions


Tested on emulated Korenix JetNet 5310G / v2.6

All vulnerable models/versions according to vendor:

JetNet 4508 (4508i-w V1.3, 4508 V2.3, 4508-w V2.3)

JetNet 4508f, 4508if (4508if-s V1.3,4508if-m V1.3, 4508if-sw V1.3,

       4508if-mw V1.3, 4508f-m V2.3, 4508f-s V2.3, 4508f-mw V2.3,

       4508f-sw V2.3)

JetNet 5620G-4C V1.1

JetNet 5612GP-4F V1.2

JetNet 5612G-4F V1.2

JetNet 5728G (5728G-24P-AC-2DC-US V2.1, 5728G-24P-AC-2DC-EU V2.0)

JetNet 528Gf (6528Gf-2AC-EU V1.0, 6528Gf-2AC-US V1.0, 6528Gf-2DC24 V1.0,

       6528Gf-2DC48 V1.0, 6528Gf-AC-EU V1.0, 6528Gf-AC-US V1.0)

JetNet 6628XP-4F-US V1.1

JetNet 6628X-4F-EU V1.0

JetNet 6728G (6728G-24P-AC-2DC-US V1.1, 6728G-24P-AC-2DC-EU V1.1)

JetNet 6828Gf (6828Gf-2DC48 V1.0, 6828Gf-2DC24 V1.0, 6828Gf-AC-DC24-US V1.0,

       6828Gf-2AC-US V1.0, 6828Gf-AC-US V1.0, 6828Gf-2AC-AU V1.0,

       6828Gf-AC-DC24-EU V1.0, 6828Gf-2AC-EU V1.0)

JetNet 6910G-M12 HVDC V1.0

JetNet 7310G-V2 2.0

JetNet 7628XP-4F-US V1.0, 7628XP-4F-US V1.1, 7628XP-4F-EU V1.0,

       7628XP-4F-EU V1.1

JetNet 7628X-4F-US V1.0, 7628X-4F-EU V1.0

JetNet 7714G-M12 HVDC V1.0

Vulnerability overview


1) TFTP Without Authentication (CVE-2023-5376)

The available tftp service isaccessable without user authentication. This

allows the user to upload and download files to the restricted "/home"folder.

2) Unauthenticated Firmware Upgrade (CVE-2023-5347)

A critical security vulnerability has been identified that may allow an

unauthenticated attacker to compromise the integrity of a device or cause a

denial of service (DoS) condition. This vulnerability resides inthe firmware

upgrade process of the affected system.

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